President’s Challenge 2017

I did weave a scarf on the Talisman Rose warp, and finished it, in time for the President’s Challenge in May. It is a Tencel scarf about 8 feet long plus fringe (twisted!), woven on the aforementioned Talisman Rose warp. The Challenge was to make something with three colors: yellow, yellow-orange, and violet. After I wove it with the required violet weft, it no longer looks like the Talisman rose I remembered, but it looked pretty nice, had a good hand, and just a bit of irridescence. Thank goodness for battery-powered fringe twisters!

President’s Challenge Scarf, on the loom, 10/2 Tencel, 28 epi

Off the Loom: Fringed, washed, pressed

Detail, from a different angle and different lighting

Award ribbon, handwoven inkle band by Robin Wilton

The scarf won the President’s Challenge Award, RMWG, May, 2017. The honor came with a hendwoven inkle band ribbon, woven by Robin Wilton, and a skein of silk yarn from Treenway Silks–thank you very much!
Details: Structure from Sharon Alderman, Mastering Weave Structure, p. 129, basket and plain weave. !0/2 Tencel for both warp and weft, warp hand-painted by Just Our Yarn, Hand-washed in Synthrapol and warm water, air-dried, tossed in dryer to soften, steam pressed.

Now, on to the baby blanket for Malachi, born 5/10/17.

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