Eileen Hallman–Cotton Magic!

For many years, I have admired Eileen Hallman from afar for her expertise in all things cotton. this week I’ve had an opportunity to learn from her about weaving and dyeing with natural dyes on organic cotton. Her Dye-licious cotton is pre-treated to make it easy for dye to adhere to the cotton fibers, requiring less dye, less water, and less time for the dyeing process. We had three days for weaving and then exploring the various dyes and combinations of dyes such as cutch, Himalayan rhubarb, Saxon blue, Q black, lac, logwood, osage orange, and cochineal. Below are my samples (last photo), plus some other photos from the workshop. My samples were a 4S Bronson lace structure, on a 10/2 mercerized cotton warp woven with Eileen’s treated 10/2 organic cotton as weft.

The Warp of the Talisman Rose

I wound a warp this morning from yarn dyed by Just Our Yarn (www.justouryarn.com), 10/2 Tencel, in a colorway that I am thinking of as Talisman Rose, for a rose my parents grew in their yard before 1960. It looks a little brighter in person than it appears here.

Here is a link to a blog with a history of the Talisman Rose, unverified:

This will be the warp for a scarf about 8 inches wide, probably with a sett of 28 epi. Weft will be lavender/violet 10/2 Tencel.

Stock Show, January, 2017

Tom and I volunteered at the stock show (National Western Stock Show) January 13, along with Robin Wilton. We were in the Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild booth in the Agricultural Education area. Robin showed lots of kids (and parents) how to spin, and Tom and I demonstrated weaving, and persuaded the kids to try their hand at throwing the shuttle. We even got a few parents to try weaving. We’ve enjoyed doing this since 2008. Usually we also get to see rabbits, sheep, horses, cows, alpacas, llamas, and assorted avians (in addition to the humans). www.nationalwestern.com

Too Many Trips?

While I’m not sure we can really explore too many new places, or enjoy too many ones we’ve loved before, we have visited many parts of Colorado and other states this year so far, with some more to come. We are always tired when we get home–it comes of trying to squeeze something into every available moment, I guess.

We’ve camped: Buena Vista/Leadville, Cripple Creek/Victor, and Lake City.
We’ve not camped: Glacier National Park, Waterton Lakes NP (Canada) and the Tetons, San Francisco (just Tina), and soon, Sedona, and maybe St. Louis. We’ve hiked to see lakes and waterfalls, enjoying flowers and fungi along the way. We even took a boat trip/hike combined! Wonderful experiences!

We’ve enjoyed seeing friends and family along the way. Of course, Tom makes new friends in every campground! We’ve had some lovely campers as our neighbors in every place we’ve stayed.

We have some terrific memories and lots of photos to share later on. Here’s my favorite bear from Glacier NP, just getting out of MacDonald Creek:wet-bear-3

Lavender Festival Today!

Demonstrating spinning at the DBG-Chatfield Lavender Festival today, until it gets too hot!

Later: Wow, what a lot of people, all interested in talking about spinning and watching us spin. No, we weren’t spinning lavender, but we had a good time. We were in the shade in a breeze, so it wasn’t too bad. No good pictures of us spinning, but a couple of the lavender.

Lavender Festival, 7-16-16, with people!

Lavender Festival, 7-16-16, with people!

Lots of lavender plants!

Lots of lavender plants!