Roving Tizi Awards

In 2010, Dale Zitek and I decided to support the fiber arts by sponsoring an award in Fiber Celebrations, a juried fiber arts show. “Open to fiber artists nationally and internationally, the well-publicized event showcases high-quality work juried by an eminent fiber artist. Guild members are encouraged to enter this fine show.”–from the Northern Colorada Weavers Guild web site. They have sponsored this show for 43 years! This year’s show was concurrent with the Estes Park Wool Market in June, 2017. It was a pleasure to admire all the entries, as well as the winners of awards. In earlier years, Dale and I specified the type of project that could win our award, but recently we’ve made it a “Juror’s Choice” award.

While I don’t have good images of the winners of the Roving Tizi Award winners for all the years, I’ve captured what I could.

This year’s winner was woven by Sarah Fortin (Mason, NH), called Playing with Blocks. Dale’s name was spelled wrong on the label, and mine was omitted, but I asked them to correct it.

Playing with Blocks, by Sarah Fortin

Label–Sarah’s piece also won the Complex Weavers Award.


More years coming soon!