Midwest Weavers Conference

In June, I attended the Midwest Weavers Conference in Indianapolis. As usual, I met many friends there, new and old. I helped run the conference in 2001 and 2003, making it an unforgettable experience and making this conference especially dear to my heart. This year I signed up for Marg Coe’s half day class on using Photoshop to design cloth (always good and challenging) and for Suzanne Halvorson’s one day class, Floating Ribbons Scarf with Supplemental Warp. In the latter class, we wound a warp according to her instructions, dressed the loom, and wove a scarf. I didn’t finish the scarf–most of us didn’t–but I did enjoy learning her perspective on using the ribbons, and I liked the desert colors I ended up with. I finally took off the loom yesterday, three months later, because I’m getting ready for the next workshop and need the loom!

Front of Suzanne’s scarf design

Reverse of Suzanne’s scarf design

Tom and I finished off the warp with an alternate treadling

Reverse of the alternate treadling

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