We are the guardians of four cats, all rescues, each with a unique personality.

Kittens in the Loom

Kittens in the Loom

Mynx is a very dark tortoiseshell, nearly black–the current black cat of the web site title. She joined us as one of the three six-month-old kittens rescued and adopted in January, 2012. Mynx was a tiny kitten, but has grown to be the second largest cat in the family. She’s an outstanding jumper, and loves to watch the birds through the window. Her enthusiasm overcomes her sense (if any) and she sometimes splats against the window trying to get to the exciting morsels outside.

Merry is a calico tabby, slender, active, smart and inquisitive. She especially loves furry toys she can carry around in her mouth, or most anything she can get into her mouth. She’s a very oral cat! She’s also an excellent gymnast, especially on the balance beam (railing along a stairway). She does very nice pivots to change direction, and never falls off. She’s learning to be a lap cat. Second of the three kittens.

Patches is another calico, Third of the three kittens, she had a bad reaction to the feline calichivirus vaccine that resulted in “limping kitten syndrome”. Merry had a minor case of it, but Patchy’s hind legs were paralyzed for a while. She responded to corticosteroid injections, and is almost normal now. She sometimes has trouble jumping, but can jump if she plans carefully first. I’m not sure if she’s reluctant to jump because of lingering nerve damage, or because she’s indolent and has gained more weight than any of the other cats. She will play with most toys if they’re within reach. Sometimes she even chases a toy mouse. Unfortunately she loves to eat the ends of string or yarn, including the bobbin tensioning cord on my spinning wheel.

Tibbs is a Maine Coon cross–looks like a brown long-haired tabby with a long plumy tail. He was five years old when we got him in January 2012, and it’s taken him a while to adjust to our home and the other cats who were here a week before him. He’s quite timid, and Merry especially can often dominate him. He loves to curl up in Tom’s lap and will show a bit of assertiveness in defending his lap territory. He’s getting more confident and secure. He loves to chase most anything, especially catnip mice–he’d make a great hunter. He’d like to be an outdoor cat, but all our cats stay indoors–too many raccoons, foxes, coyotes, and other predators.