Eileen Hallman–Cotton Magic!

For many years, I have admired Eileen Hallman from afar for her expertise in all things cotton. this week I’ve had an opportunity to learn from her about weaving and dyeing with natural dyes on organic cotton. Her Dye-licious cotton is pre-treated to make it easy for dye to adhere to the cotton fibers, requiring less dye, less water, and less time for the dyeing process. We had three days for weaving and then exploring the various dyes and combinations of dyes such as cutch, Himalayan rhubarb, Saxon blue, Q black, lac, logwood, osage orange, and cochineal. Below are my samples (last photo), plus some other photos from the workshop. My samples were a 4S Bronson lace structure, on a 10/2 mercerized cotton warp woven with Eileen’s treated 10/2 organic cotton as weft.

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